The metabolic heat.

bay ken
me drod
“fiery heat”

Base of digestion and metabolism. It is the combined effect of the mixing Badken (bad kan myag byed), digesting Tripa (mkhris pa ‘ju byed) and the fire-accompanying rLung (rlung me mnyam), which are also called three types of metabolic heat (me drod rnam pa gsum).

The metabolic heat follows the whole process of digestion in the digestive tract. In addition, it accompanies all metabolic processes in organs and tissues of the body. In Tibetan Medicine it is considered that through the metabolic heat the 7 bodily constituents (lus zungs bdun), complexion and physical strength are built. Therefore this metabolic heat is a key factor maintaining health, promoting diligence and longevity.

A strong metabolic heat is the condition for a proper digestion and normal defecation and urination whereas a weak one leads to disruption of digestion and absorption of food, and, consequently to metabolic disorders. Food and lifestyle characterized by the qualities of light (yang) and warm (drod) support the metabolic heat and assure health and longevity.

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