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The origins of Sowa Rigpa - Tibetan science of healing are rooted back in remote ages. To be sure, it was formed at least several thousand years ago. Tibet, lying at the crossroads of caravan routes, was the place of contact of all largest civilizations of the Ancient East, and consequently the medical knowledge from ancient China, India, Persia and even ancient Greece was harmonically entwined in medical tradition of the inhabitants of the Land of Snows. Being existed for millennia, Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa has formed into a coherent, harmonious system containing a vast but well-structured scope of knowledge about the functioning of the human body, the mechanisms of development of pathology and ways of restoring health, as well as the properties and effects of a huge amount of natural medicines and procedures. During this time, generations of outstanding doctors have written hundreds of books, thousands of medicinal prescriptions have been tested.

In the second half of the 20th century, when the religion and culture of Tibet had begun to open to the inhabitants of the Western world, the means and methods of Tibetan medicine Sowa Rigpa proved their relevance and effectiveness in the treatment of modern diseases, and the principles of prevention of disease and stressful conditions mentioned in it are effective and can be easily adapted to modern realities.

But up to the present, this knowledge in their entirety was available only in Tibetan. So far, there was not a single paper or electronic reference source in Western languages containing systematic and accurate information about meaning of terms, personalities and methods of Tibet's medical science. The project "Sorig Encyclopedia " is intended to fill this gap and introduce vast world of Tibetan science of healing.

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