Symptoms and diseases

Heat of the spleen

མཆེར་ཚད། མཆེར་ནད་ཚ་བ།
cher tshe/ cherne tshawa
mcher tshad/ mcher nad tsha ba

The heat of the spleen disease is one of five spleen diseases, which has traditionally been seen as the intrusion of heat in the spleen.

It is described in Oral Instruction Tantra (the third part of Gyu Shi), Chapter 37 on Spleen Disorders.

In Tibetan texts there are given symptoms such as sharp pain in the left hypochondrium and the left side of the back muscles, abdominal distension, face and lips become florid, heavy breathing, weakness of the limbs and difficulty in flexion and straightening the body. These attacks often occur after drinking or overheating of the body.

Described the clinical picture from the point of view of Western medicine is comparable with acute pancreatitis or acute exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis.

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