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«Mangag Jewa Ringsel»

man ngag bye ba ring bsrel


Old book “Mangag Jewa Ringsel” from Tibetan collection of the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of SB RAS.

མན་ངག་བྱེ་བ་རིང་བསྲེལ་པོད་ཆུང་རབ་འབྱམས་གསལ་བའི་སྒྲོན་མེ (man ngag bye ba ring bsrel pod chung rab ‘byams gsal ba’i sgron me) – «The lamp lighting countless texts, full of millions relics-like instructions».


Modern Tibetan book

“Mangag Jewa Ringsel” (lit. “Ten millions relics-like instructions”) or “Jering” (Wyl: bye ring) is the famous text written by eminent physician Zurkhar Nyamnyid Dorje (Wyl: zur mkhar mnyam nyid rdo rje) (1439-1475).

This text provides guidance on various aspects of medicine. It consists of three main sections:

1. Diagnosis,
2. Therapy - contains 15 sub-sections, covering different aspects of the treatment of: 1. rLung disorders (རླུང་ནད Wyl: rlung nad), 2. Tripa disorders (མཁྲིས་པའི་ནད Wyl: mkhris pa’i nad), 3. Badkan disorders (བད་ཀན་གྱི་ནད Wyl: bad kan gyi nad), 4. double combined disorders (ལྡན་ནད Wyl: ldan nad), 5. complex disorders (འདུས་ནད Wyl: ‘dus nad), 6. hot disorders (ཚ་བའི་ནད Wyl: tsha ba’i nad), 7. cold disorders ( གྲང་བའི་ནད Wyl: grang ba’i nad), 8. blood disorders (ཁྲག་ནད Wyl: khrag nad), 9. Chuser disorders (ཆུ་སེར་གྱི་ནད Wyl: chu ser nad), 10. diseases caused by Nyan (གཉན་ནད Wyl: gnyan nad), 11. diseases caused by Sin (སྲིན་ནད Wyl: srin nad), 12. diseases associated with acute pain (གཟེར་ནད Wyl: gzer nad), 13. traumatology (རྨ་ནད Wyl: rma nad), 14. toxicology (དུག་ནད Wyl: dug nad), 15. miscellaneous disorders (ཐོར་བུའི་ནད Wyl: thor bu’i nad).

3. Additional section containing a huge number of small chapters on various specific issues such as the definition of raw materials, preparation and formulation of medicines, performing procedures, making protective amulets, some of the single issues of treatment, etc.

Entire text contains more than 400 chapters.

1) བོད་ལུགས་གསོ་རིག་ཚིག་མཛོད་ཆེན་མོ།Pecin, 2006, pp. 1054, ill ISBN 7-105-07607-0 (Tibetan) Comprehensive modern dictionary of Tibetan Medicine terminology.

2) ཟུར་མཁར་མཉམ་ཉིད་རྡོ་རྗེ། “མན་ངག་བྱེ་བ་རིང་བསྲེལ།” Arura series vol. 13 Pecin 2006 pp. 709 ISBN 7-105-06904 (Tibetan) Modern edition of “Ten millions relics-like instructions”

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