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«Chetu Nyinnor»

gces bsdus snying nor


Old book “Chetu Nyinnor” from Tibetan collection of the Institute of Mongolian, Buddhist and Tibetan Studies of SB RAS.

སྨན་གཞུང་ཁུངས་མ་རྣམས་ལས་ནད་ཀྱི་རྟགས་བཅོས་སོགས་ཐོར་བུར་འབྱུང་བ་ཕྱོགས་གཅིག་དུ་བསྒྲིགས་པ་གཅེས་བསྡུས་སྙིང་ནོར། (sman gzhung khungs ma rnams las nad kyi rtags bcos sogs thor bur ‘byung ba phyogs gcig du bsgrigs pa gces bsdus snying nor) - “The Jewel of the Heart, Being a Compilation of the Authentic Medical Works—on Signs and Treatment of Diseases etc.—Which Were Scattered and Were Arranged into One”.


Modern Tibetan book

“Chetu Nyinnor” is the Mongol treatment book written in Tibetan by great Mongolian doctor Lobsang Chophel (blo bzang chos ‘phel) in 19 century.

This text, widely used in Mongolia and Buriatia, contains sets of most important information, chosen by the author from different medical treatises. This text includes description of symptoms of various diseases and gives instructions on their treatment. It contains information on medical formulations, methods of manufacturing the medicines, characteristics of materia medica and ways of its proceeding. Besides in this text one can find instructions on diagnostics and applying external treatments and explanation on possible mistakes in determination and treatment of complicated cases.

The Chetu Nyinnor contains 121 chapter which follow structure of 3rd and 4th Tantras of Gyu Shi.

The first attempt of translation of this text into the western languages, particularly into Russian, was done by Dambo-Dashi Ulianov (1844-1913). He published his translation of 91st chapter of “Chetu Nyinnor” – “The treatment of “dze” (Wyl. mdze – leprosy) disease in 1903.

Full translation of this text from Tibetan to Russian done by A. Kosoburov saw the light of the day in 2016. The book is published as “Mongol treatment book Chetu Nyinnor”.


Russian translation

1) བློ་བཟང་ཆོས་འཕེལ། «གཅེས་བསྡུས་སྙིང་ནོར།» Pecin 2008 pp. 371 ISBN 978-7-105-09718-0 (Tibetan).

2) Лобсанг Чойпел. «Монгольский лечебник Четуй ниннор.», пер. с тиб. А. А. Кособуров – Улан-Удэ: Изд-во БНЦ СО РАН, 2016. – 252 с. ISBN 978-5-8200-0396-7. (Russian)

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