se ‘bru lnga pa

sedru ngapa
se ‘bru lnga pa


«Pomegranate-5», five-component formula based on pomegranate.
also is produced by Padma AG under the tradename Padma Digestin®.
se ‘bru, shing tsha, pi pi ling, sug smel, sman sga

1.སེ་འབྲུ (se ‘bru) - бот. Punica granatum - Pomegranate
2.ཤིང་ཚ (shing tsha) - бот. Cinnamomum cassia - Cinnamon
3.པི་པི་ལིང (pi pi ling) - бот. Piper longum – Long pepper
4.སུག་སྨེལ (sug smel) - бот. Elettaria cardamomum – Green Cardamom
5.སྨན་སྒ (sman sga) - бот. Alpinia officinarum – Lesser Galangal
sour to hot
warm, without zi-effect (bzi med)
Final Tantra
indigestion, cold tren tumors (skran) of the stomach, vomiting, anorexia caused by increase of the Badkan (bad kan), rLung (rlung) disorders in heart, cold diseases of kidneys and pain in waist region.
this formula can be made as powder or pills. Average dose is a half of teaspoon of powder or 3 pills.
not intended for patients with hot Tripa (mkhris pa) disorders.

IMPORTANT: Tibetan medicine should always be taken only after a consultation with a Tibetan doctor or qualified physician, as usage and dosages differ between patients.

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4) ཡི་དམ་ཚེ་རིང་། བསྟན་ཁོ། ཀླུ་བྱམས་རྒྱལ། «རྒྱུན་མཁོའི་སྨན་སྦྱོར་གཅེས་བསྡུས་ཡང་ཞུན་ནོར་བུའི་མགུལ་རྒྱན» 1996 pp. 261.

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